An energetic and entertaining beatbox show.
With Tiny Beat, even your CEO will be beatboxing!

For companies, Tiny Beat offers a special program where he presents the art of beatboxing in a fun StandUp format and engages everyone in the audience.

He has made the entire room beatbox many times, creating an improvised beatbox orchestra right on the spot.

He also brings volunteers onto the stage, with whom he showcases beatboxing directly on the microphone, often involving managers or even the director.

More than one CEO has already jammed with Tiny!

As a grand finale, Tiny Beat concludes his performance with a dynamic live looping set, creating electronic music solely from his beatboxing and voice – and the party begins!

Performances are also possible in English, Polish, and Portuguese.

Satisfied clients

Tiny Beat has been an active artist since 2005. Thousands of successful events, concerts, and workshops. As a one-man show on the microphone, with a loop station, or in collaboration with other musicians, dancers, tap dancers, pantomime artists, drummers, choirs, acapella groups, and DJs.