Beatbox that connects

A unique beatbox teambuilding experience where people relax, laugh, and, most importantly, collaborate.

Tiny Beat has conducted hundreds and hundreds of beatbox workshops and gained experience from all around the world, seamlessly transitioning these skills into the corporate realm.

His approach to working with a group is unique, and with the help of beatboxing and a few microphones, he can work wonders with a group.

Beatbox teambuilding also involves working with your voice and gaining confidence on stage or in public performances.

All of this in a relaxed atmosphere filled with laughter, beatboxing, cheering, and most importantly, teamwork.

Satisfied clients

Tiny Beat has been an active artist since 2005. Thousands of successful events, concerts, and workshops. As a one-man show on the microphone, with a loop station, or in collaboration with other musicians, dancers, tap dancers, pantomime artists, drummers, choirs, acapella groups, and DJs.