Beatboxing that entertains and INSPIRES.

The best beatbox workshops far and wide, not just in the Czech Republic.

Tiny Beat has conducted hundreds of beatbox workshops and gained experience from all around the world.

He has worked with children of all ages, various nationalities, refugees, students, actors, musicians, vocal groups, and more.

His approach to working with people is unique, and with the help of beatboxing and a few microphones, he can work wonders with a group.

These workshops also focus on building confidence in public performance.

They are suitable for any group, including children, students, and adults.

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Learn beatboxing through a unique online course where you’ll acquire all the necessary skills to become a proficient beatboxer.

This online guide is one of its kind in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia, ideal for complete beginners as well as slightly advanced beatboxers.

You will learn:

  • Basic sounds and beats
  • Different basses
  • Special sounds and scratches

Satisfied clients

Tiny Beat has been an active artist since 2005. Thousands of successful events, concerts, and workshops. As a one-man show on the microphone, with a loop station, or in collaboration with other musicians, dancers, tap dancers, pantomime artists, drummers, choirs, acapella groups, and DJs.