Corporate events Beatbox performance at corporate events and parties has become very popular.

Tiiny is performing a Stand-up comedy type of show where he combines humor and beatbox, invites people to join him in collective beatbox and creates great entertaining atmosphere.

Tiny knows how to introduce beatbox as an art of creating sound and imitating music instruments only using the mouth in an entertaining manner. His performance is full of beatbox jokes; he is interacting with the crowd while he is teaching the basics of beatbox. The crowd loves him and he even invites people on stage to try it out and make a sound with a microphone in their hands. This is the most fun part as people try it for the first time and it rarely sounds like beatbox, however the audience always comes up with new exciting sounds, they join Tiny in a little beatbox jam and the volunteer becomes a star, be it a regular employee, a manager or the CEO of the company.

The performance for a corporate party usually takes around 40 minutes.

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