Great program for corporate events, street art, busking and other festivals.

An hour-long show where Tiny combines elements of Stand up Comedy, Beatbox workshop, Interaction with the audience and ends everything with a dynamic live looping set.

This is an unparalleled show, and Tiny has perfected it with more than 15 years of experience on stage.


Tiny starts the show with beatbox freestyle, where she alternates between several musical styles – especially electronic styles such as EDM, Drum´n´Bass, Dubstep, House. Rhythms, electronic sounds and dense basses have won the audience’s attention from the very beginning, and Tina uses this attention to live interaction with the audience.

Interaction with the audience

When the audience is warmed up, Tiny draws everyone in even more. He breaks down the beatbox into basic sounds and teaches them live from the stage. Sound after sound, the audience learns the basics of beatboxing until they are all ready to put together the first simple beats.

A beatbox choir is formed on the spot from a completely unknown audience, which Tiny conducts in various ways. Every audience is different and the art of mastering and conducting it requires a lot of experience and self-confidence, and in this Tiny is a true master. It is here that he uses humor and sharp reactions to what is happening.

Managing to conduct an audience in this way, which is always different, requires a lot of experience and self-confidence, and Tiny is definitely not lacking here. Everything is so authentic and the audience feels like a real part of the whole show.

Tiny concludes the whole interaction by inviting someone from the audience to the stage. He and Tiny will try the newly learned sounds on the microphone. Tiny takes the barber, men, women, children, just whoever comes first. The audience has a great time as the volunteer tries to cope with the sounds. In the end, he and Tiny are still interested and the volunteer leaves as a star with a great experience.

Live Looping finale

Tiny raises the beatbox one level up, introducing the audience to a loopstation – a device that records his voice and beatbox and plays it in loops.

From the first sound, he creates live music on the spot, and only with the help of voice and beatbox. He can manipulate his voice with various electronic and bass effects, so the audience often forgets that it is only a beatbox.

He mainly creates Drum´n´bass, Reagge, Jungle, EDM, Dubstep and Hip Hop.